About Us

Instant Technologies Development Agency

Effective and affordable technology solutions for all

We are a young and vibrant IT company. Our aim is to provide you with services and solutions that work for your business or brand, whether you are an individual trying to start an online business or an existing entity we are here to help.

Why choose us?

We have partnered up with the smartest most innovative User experience designers (UXD, UED, or XD) across the world to give you something professional and proficient to your business needs

Our Aim is to help you get the right footing in the online business hence our technicians are at your disposal all year round

We are a internet company hence, our work is always based on data and research on various industries, we won’t just give you a product, we will give you a product based on industrial research done on your respective industry, we know your customer before you do

We are living in a time where mobile usage is becoming more rampant than ever, hence we make sure our websites are view-able across all platform, from mobile phones to tablet computers and desktops

We have the brightest and experienced minds to work on your project, hence you have nothing to worry about

Our 6-D process



Our talented team will help you discover opportunities that can help your business in the long run, by researching and making sure your business takes the right path in teams of the layout of the website



Our talented team will help you define opportunities and the role of your business in the real world hence helping you set realistic goals



Design requires research and talent that understands user experience and how technology plays an important role, our talented team will design you something that suits the needs of your industry



We have talented Web developers that will help you build customized functionality for your new business website based on the information we have about your business



After thorough research into your respective industry, our talented team gathers all the results and deploys something in relation to the research results



After investing time and effort into building your project, our team will make sure they deliver something extra ordinary, something that will help your business to be ten steps ahead of your competition
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